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Is your Favorite Pair of Shoes are dirty? or not as clean as they use to be since you got them out from the Fresh box? Well, you're in luck because your solution has arrived... Try our Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel™️ exclusive here at Binashii. Designed to ensure that your shoes are looking good.

Our Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel™️ is designed for one purpose only, which is to turn old shoes back to new again. Here in Binashii, we have tested our product to the max and we are proud to say that theShoe Whitening Cleansing Gel™️ works like a one of a kind on all types of shoes of your choice.


Features & Benefits | Why Do you need this?

  • RESTORING WHITE BY CHEMICAL REACTION:  Our Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel™️ removes yellow dirt through a chemical reaction, restoring its original colour from the ground up.
  • EASY TO CARRY: Some of our benefits with this product are that theShoe Whitening Cleansing Gel™️ are Compact and convenient, it is also simple and practical. Easy to carry and the right size, perfect for travel. Beauty Paper: quick to apply; easy to peel; tears and breaks easily.
  • EASY TO USE: Our Shoe Whitening Cleansing Gel™️ Ready to take and use, no need to adjust the ratio yourself. And it comes with a squeeze nozzle for easy handling, even application and no messy hands.
  • SAFE FOR UPPERS: The formula is gentle and non-damaging to the upper material and surface, safe and harmless.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used to remove yellowing from all kinds of white shoes, such as shell toe shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, air force shoes, etc.

We understand your frustration, no one likes their brand new pair of shoes getting dirty or stained Especially if they're your favourite pair! But don't let your frustration get the best of you!!  because we have come to the rescue of you. Turn your Old Shoe back to new again today!

4 Steps To Follow:

  1. Apply Masking Tape 
  2. Apply the gel on 3-5 mm
  3. Let stand for 1- 3 hours
  4. Wipe and clean

Package includes:

  •  Cleanser Gel x 1,
  • Brush x 1,
  • Masking tape 1
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