Small saw blade set Multi-purpose saw blade set

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Category.    Tools
Weight.    500g
Source of goods.    Local
For starters, it cuts through anything more concisely, leaving you with more free time to get out.
You can impress your future in-laws when you're asked to replace a leaky pipe.
So seize the opportunity to look manly in front of him when sawing large logs.
Take over the task of cutting the floor tiles in your future in-laws' home and then take over his heart.

1. Has high quality and original goods.
2. the hardware is super efficient.
3. the merchandise is really neatly and safely packaged.

2 kinds of wide and small saw blades
4+1 small saw blades(HA103A)
Saw blade can be adjusted
Frame: chrome alloy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the original product.
What can this tool cut? Ceramic floors, wood, plastic or rubber objects, etc.
Does it have other functions besides cutting? Used to sharpen knives and shears.

Important Notes.

1. It is recommended to wear gloves when using the MAGIC SAW saw. 2.

2. For best sawing results, screw the saw blade bolt to its maximum by turning it, or you can also use the help of pliers.

3. Use the glass cutter to cut glass/ceramics at the end of the frame, pulling it from top to bottom while pressing. The intensity of the emphasis is adjusted according to the thickness of the object to be cut. One pull is enough, do not pull repeatedly (up and down/up and down) as this will make the cut result deviated, inaccurate or even failed.


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